The land that saw me born

My trip around the world

Photography: My great passion

My particular paradise

Something out of the ordinary

I was born in Valparaiso, Chile, a very inspirational place, full of forms and colors. It was here that I was introduced to hiking, exploring different cities and at the same time different cultures. Chile is a very diverse country with the driest desert in the world in the north and cold ice fields in the south. I have even been to the secluded Easter island . I left Chile at the age of 22 and started my cruise ship life in December 1988 on board the Royal Viking Sky followed by 4 years on the Royal Viking Queen. It was here where I had the chance to be part of the 72 days Circle South America team with Jean Michael Cousteau where I had the privilege to explore the Sea of Cortez, the Chilean fjords, landing on Cape Horn and venturing into small tributaries of the Amazon river. It was a life changing experience.
In 1997, I started working at Seabourn Cruise Line as a Cruise Consultant and since then, I have traveled the world several times. During these years I visited some of the best hotels, restaurants and shopping areas globally. In 2000 a new challenge appeared on the horizon, on a ship called The World and it was on this ship that I made my first trip to Antarctica. After a few years I returned to Seabourn Cruise Line as the Tour Manager for all the company's destinations. As the first Seabourn Tour Manager to be in Antarctica, I once again fell in love with the white continent. Later I joined the expedition team to experience Antarctica on a different level by driving zodiacs to bring the visitors closer to the wonders of the White Continent, exploring penguin colonies, whale watching and marveling at the grandeur of Icebergs up close.
During my travels I became interested in photography; first in the places I visited to document my travels and then in the food, the culture and, of course, the locals ... since then I always travel with my camera, ready to photograph everything that I like, from nature to architecture, from the landscapes to the people.
After years of traveling, I found paradise right here in Mallorca. I moved 21 years ago, and here I found it all… Beauty, Culture, Gastronomy, History and, most importantly, the most beautiful light I have ever seen anywhere. In these 21 years I have learned a lot about Mallorca and also to enjoy it. I hope you also enjoy this little paradise, let me personally show you this beautiful island.
I love taking friends to my favorite places on the island; that hidden shop or restaurant in Palma, that isolated cove somewhere, arriving in a town or a special place, at the right time for sunset ... but always out of the ordinary. I like to leave the tourist places to tourists ... I am a traveler, someone who wants to learn about the place, someone who experiences the culture, the food, the history and joins the popular festivals of Mallorca. This is an amazing place to live and visit.
  • Chapter 1

    The land that saw me born
  • Chapter 2

    My trip around the world
  • Chapter 3

    Photography: My great passion
  • Chapter 4

    My particular paradise
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    Something out of the ordinary



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